Life as a trainee

Titan Primary SCITT (PGCE and QTS) Birmingham – A day in the life as a Titan trainee…..
By Sophie Arnold

It’s 6.15am, my alarms ringing and I’m suddenly woken from a dream which most probably involved lesson planning, QTS standards or assignments. I jump in the shower, grab some breakfast and within 45 minutes I’m dashing out the door. By 7.30am I arrive at school, thankfully missing most of the traffic. I have an hour to go over my planning for the day, check I have all my resources ready and finish off my literacy marking.

At 8.30am it’s time for the morning staff briefing. We are informed that ‘the animal man’ is coming into KS1 so not to be alarmed if we see owls or snakes roaming around the school building. I grab the Pastoral Mentor as I’m leaving the briefing and chat to her about an incident that occurred yesterday lunchtime. She assures me it’s under control.

The first bell goes at 8.45am and I hurry outside to greet parents and pupils. One boy tells me his ritual morning joke, it always brightens my day. Next, it’s a flurry of register calling and dinner money collecting before sending children off to their Guided Reading groups. I have a free 20 minutes to compose myself before Numeracy (I’m being observed today).

My SBT arrives and we chat through my lesson plan. Then, before I know it the children are back from Guided Reading and Numeracy begins. Our learning objective is to interpret pie charts. The class are lively and chatty but they work hard and they enjoy creating their own pie charts on the lap tops.

10.30am and it is break time already. I sit down with my SBT to discuss feedback. I’m happy but still need to work on using more effective assessment strategies.

But there’s no time to relax because it’s 10.45 and the class are back inside for Literacy. We are continuing to plan our Harry Potter inspired short stories with flashbacks. The children have some fantastic ideas and I’m pleased to notice the less able group have successfully followed the story mountain structure. I think we can start writing the opening tomorrow.

At 12.30 the bell rings for lunchtime. I grab a dinner from the dinner hall and head to the staff room. It’s the first time I’ve sat down since 8.30 this morning. I catch up with the other Titan trainee and we briefly discuss ‘assignment progress’ before I dash back to the classroom to start the maths book marking. However, my plans are thwarted when I discover two children inside, on computers, without a pass. I listen to their ‘excuses’ and direct them back outside.

Before I know it, lunchtime’s over and we’re into the afternoon. The children are ‘over excited’ and take time to settle down. The afternoon is a blur of paint and glue (collage making) and outdoor PE (football skills). But, by 3.15pm the class are sitting with coats, book bags, homework and the odd splattering of paint, ready to go home. We head outside to meet mums and dads and I inform parents of homework deadlines.

It’s a quick turnaround as I have to be at my SKP session for 4pm. I dash to the photocopier and organise resources for tomorrow’s Numeracy lesson. I talk through the next day’s planning with my TA and grab my coat and bag, and maths books for marking at home.

At 3.59pm I arrive at the SKP session and meet the rest of the ‘Titan Gang’. The focus is History. We split into groups and present a unit of work we have devised on different history topics (lesson plans, resources and all). It’s great to gather ideas and tips from other trainees. By 5.45pm, all groups have presented and I’m gathering my things, ready for home. I’m exhausted but it has been a successful day!

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