How to apply for Titan Teacher Training

Applications for all courses are submitted via UCAS Teacher Training. Information on UCAS teacher training can be found here. UCAS teacher training is a single admissions system for Universities, SCITTs and School Direct Programmes.

UCAS codes:

SCITT (Primary/Secondary) – T30
Primary School Direct (St Mary’s) – 1RV
Secondary School Direct (Aston Manor Academy) – 1F2
Secondary School Direct (St George’s Academy) – 1WV

Applicants can apply for up to 3 courses at once (any routes, subjects or age phases and in any combination). Applications are considered by training providers at the same time. Providers must respond to an applicant within 40 working days. If shortlisted you will need to attend your interview(s) within the 40 day period. Once you have received your final response (from the 3 providers and in the 40 day deadline) you will have 10 days to choose which offer to accept.

If you go through the first apply round and do not receive any offers you may enter the second apply round from 1st January. In this round you can only make one choice at a time and choices will be considered sequentially.

Remember that you must book to take your QTS Skills Tests as these are now an entry requirement. You can do this here.

If you have any problems applying to our programmes, please contact Sean.

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