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Titan Partnership is an educational charity based in Birmingham. The wider partnership is made up of over thirty nursery, primary schools, secondary schools, colleges, universities and business partners. The needs of the inner city are the main driving force behind the Titan Partnership Ltd. Every member of Titan is committed to combating disadvantage, with a shared belief in the tremendous potential and cultural richness of the inner city. By showing businesses, parents and community groups that the inner city can offer a quality learning experience, Titan is helping to build confidence and strength in the area. Click here for Further information about Titan.

A copy of the Titan Partnership brochure can be found here.

Titan Partnership offers several teacher training routes.  The accredited body for the SCITT is Handsworth Wood Girls’ Academy. Our partnership schools are in Birmingham’s inner city: Aston, Handsworth, Handsworth Wood, Lozells and Nechells.

Schools in our inner city provide an excellent learning environment for our trainee teachers to develop teacher competences and begin their careers as well prepared, confident and effective teachers. You should have no illusions about teaching. Teaching is a demanding job, physically, emotionally and intellectually. It requires a capacity for sustained hard work, commitment and enthusiasm. You will find the going tough at times, but by the end of the course you will be very confident in your ability to take up your first teaching post and make a success of it.

We are proud of the training environments our schools offer trainee teachers. Within our partnership we have a mixture of comprehensive, selective, mixed, single-sex and one special school. We have an excellent track record in employing our trainees to positions in our partnership schools. This means that our trainees not only make a positive contribution to their training schools during their training year but many go on to continue to make valuable contributions once they have qualified.

Mission Statement

Through mutual support and collaboration with the wider community, we will achieve high quality in education with relevant learning experiences to broaden and enhance opportunities for all our students.

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A unique cross-phase network of nursery, primary and secondary schools, fe colleges, private training providers and Universities in Birmingham.